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More than 20 years of experience guarantee our experience and offer the guarantee and tranquility you need in the management of any kind of legal matter. 


We are aware of the role of Public Administrations in the daily and economic life of our clients, being present in any aspect of individuals and companies before municipalities, consortiums, councils, directorates general and state agencies. The constant updating of regulations, makes it essential that we follow up on them and a timely and effective advice.

Administrative Law Services
  • Resources against acts and sanctions of the local, autonomous or state administration.
  • Negotiation of agreements and protocols between individuals / companies and the administration.
  • Public contracts and administrative concessions.
  • Accountability of the public administration.
  • Records of forced expropriation.
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Derecho Internacional - Cugno Abogados & Asesores
Private international law is that branch of law that has as its object international conflicts of competence, conflicts of international law, procedural cooperation and determining the legal status of foreigners.

This branch of law analyzes international legal relations between private parties, or where there is a private interest, in order to determine which right to apply.

International Law Services
  • European Community Law.
  • Legal support in matters of imports and exports.
  • Advice on local regulations for foreigners.
  • Nationality issues.
  • Family reunification.
  • Work and residence authorizations.
  • Movement of workers between countries.
  • Constitution of companies by foreigners.
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Our tradition in business has meant the consolidation of a reputed area of Business Law that regulates the daily occurrence of the self-employed, companies and people who are related to the company. The accumulated experience and practice allows us to advise any company from the very beginning of its activity, to participate in the development of its daily business activity and even in the event of its extinction.

Business Law Services

Among others, our services include:

  • The insolvency of the company through competition (old suspensions of payments and bankruptcies).
  • Patents and trademarks.
  • The regulation of agency contracts, distribution, commission, purchase, bond, franchise, leasing, mediation, transportation and supplies and, the incidents that arise.
  • Responsibilities derived from insurance contracts, mutual funds, banks, travel agencies and telephone / internet operators.
  • The constitution, transformation and dissolution of societies.
  • The acts, agreements and relations of the partners or administrators.
  • The statutes and corporate documents.
  • The responsibility of corporate bodies.
  • Family business, associations and business federations.
  • Unpaid checks, promissory notes or bills of exchange.
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Civil Law is an essential matter in the life of anyone from birth to death.

The professional practice of “Cugno Abogados & Asesores” is developed equally in both preventive counseling and pre-litigation negotiation as well as in the direction of judgments, finding the clients in us the appropriate experience in:

Civil Law Services
  • Claims of amounts for defaults.
  • Protection of farms (easements, borders …).
  • Leases of homes or business premises.
  • Ownership, possession, transmission and administration of real estate.
  • Neighborhood relationships or community of owners.
  • Declaration of heirs or testament, liquidation in Property and registration in the Register of property.
  • Nationality or residence. Paternal-filial relationships.
  • Marriage and economic regime.
  • Writing, review of all kinds of contracts and documents.
  • Negligence / compensation for accidents on public roads, establishments or public transport.
  • Consumer protection.
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9This labor area provides the different social agents in the world of work and social security (workers, employers, trade unions) with advice and practical solutions from the very beginning in which the employment relationship begins until it is extinguished, emphasizing the fundamental prevention of occupational hazards..

Labor Law Services
  • Salary and vacation payments.
  • Contracts.
  • Feasibility and social plans.
  • Homogenization of conditions.
  • Social security, plans and pension funds.
  • Agreements and collective agreements.
  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Resources and sanctions.
  • Work inspections.
  • Social Security.
  • New technologies in the company.
  • Records of employment regulation. (EREs)
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Our tax area evaluates and resolves the contingencies of our clients in this matter, so present in their daily happenings, private and business.

At Cugno Abogados & Asesores we give adequate and timely response to the global requirements of our clients.

Main Objectives
  • Achieve the greatest tax advantages.
  • The elaboration of all Taxes with guarantee and effectiveness.
  • Your submission within the legal deadline.
  • The legal adaptation to each type of company or tax regime to which they belong (companies, normal direct estimation, simplified direct estimation, modules, I.V.A. or I.G.I.C., intra-community transactions, etc.)
  • Material execution of the accounting, amortizations, provisions and preparation of the official accounting books and deposit of the annual accounts in the Mercantile Registry from the documentation provided.
  • Monthly or quarterly report, balance sheet, income statement and balance of sums and balances in a way that can be controlled in a timely manner the evolution of the company.
  • Book record of invoices issued, received and investment goods for professionals in direct estimation.
  • Inform and advise the client on how many accounting aspects, regarding the object, activity or trade of the same, are consulted.
  • Study of the fiscal repercussions of the facts, with the purpose of optimizing the fiscal cost in the company. Fiscal planning of operations, in order to forecast the fiscal cost, and facilitate decision making.
  • Preparation of queries addressed to the Canary Islands Tax Administration such as the State, in order to provide greater legal certainty to our clients.
  • Preparation and presentation of local, regional and state tax returns.
  • Advice to both companies and individual entrepreneurs.
  • Global tax planning.
  • Advice and representation in inspections and tax proceedings.
  • Follow-up of the obligations related to the tax benefits derived from the Canary Economic and Fiscal Regime.
  • Preparation of resources and claims before the Tax Administration.
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13Criminal law is the branch of law dealing with misdemeanors and offenses, as well as applicable sanctions. It is the set of rules that have as objective the application of sanctions to the infractions. We can define it, then, as the branch of the legal system that groups the rules that the state imposes under threat of sanction, limiting and specifying with them its punitive power.

Criminal Law Services
  • Corporate crimes criminal law of the company.
  • Offenses against the patrimony and against the socioeconomic order.
  • Money laundering.
  • Crimes against the public administration and against the Administration of Justice (prevarication, bribery and corruption).
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Crimes against health and safety at work. Crimes against the ordination of the territory.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against privacy and self image.
  • Offenses against honor (slander and insults).
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Although we provide all types of legal advice and representation needs, the services most demanded by our clients and in which we have special experience are:

We advise on the constitution and/or claim of inheritances, however complicated they may be.
Elaboration and review of all types of contracts: labor, rentals, purchase-sales, etc.
We cater all type of procedures for claiming amounts owed by third parties. Claim your rights!
Ground Clause
We recover all amounts, regarding your mortgage, collected by the bank improperly

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